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ABE001Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) Orientation
ABE002High School+ and GED Orientation
ABE004Pathways Overview I
ABE006Pathways Exploration II
ABE021ABE Digital Literacy I
ABE053ABE Language Arts III(Low IntermediateLanguageAr
ABE054ABE Language Arts IV(High Intermediate LanguageA
ABE055ABE Language Arts V(Adult Secondary Level LanguA
ABE062Applied Math I
ABE063Applied Math II
ABE064Contextualized Math I
ABE065Contextualized Math II
ABE070HS+ ESL Support
ABE073HS+ Portfolio I
ABE074HS+ Portfolio II
ABE075HS+ Portfolio III
ABE076High School Equivalency (HSE) Test Preparation
ACCT&201Principles of Accounting I
ACCT&202Principles of Accounting II
ACCT&203Principles of Accounting III
ACCT239Payroll Accounting and Business Taxes
AEC103Introduction to 3D Modeling
AEC120Construction Methods and Materials
AEC121Architectural BIM I
AEC161Civil CAD I
AEC171Commercial BIM I
AEC264Survey I
AEC273Building Information Modeling III
AEC274Building Information Modeling IV
AMATH097Accelerated Intermediate Algebra
AMATH141Accelerated Precalculus I
ANTH&100Survey of Anthropology
ANTH&104World Prehistory
ANTH&205Biological Anthropology
ANTH&206Cultural Anthropology: Diversity
ANTH&216Northwest Coast Indians: Diversity
ART101Introduction to Art
ART111Art History: Ancient and Medieval
ART113Art History: Modern
ART116Art in America: Diversity
ART120Beginning Drawing
ART140Beginning Printmaking
ART150Beginning Ceramics
ART160Beginning Painting
ART165Watercolor Painting
ART170Beginning Digital Photography
ART175Mixed Media
ART220Intermediate Drawing
ART250Intermediate Ceramics
ART251Advanced Ceramics
ART260Painting Studio
ASL&121American Sign Language I
ASL&122American Sign Language II
ASL&123American Sign Language III
ASTR&100Survey of Astronomy
ASTR&115Stars, Galaxies, & Cosmos
AUTO100Introduction to Automotive
AUTO108Engine I
AUTO109Engine II
AUTO110Introduction to Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO130Steering and Suspension
AUTO216Heating and Air-Conditioning
AUTO230Automatic Transmissions
CAP100Introduction to Hospitality
CAP110Culinary Fundamentals
CAP235Culinary Baking
CAP240Hot Line Production I
CAP245Hot Line Production II
CAP248Hot Line Production III
CAP250Menu Development
CAP255Restaurant Management
CBD115Equipment Processing and Maintenance
CBD200Packaging, Processing, and Distribution
CBD201Business Operations and Marketing
CBD206Beverage Chemistry/Biochemistry (QC/QA)
CBD241Craft Brewing
CBD251Craft Distilling
CBD261Craft Cider
CCS101Pathways to Success
CCS102Career Planning Seminar
CCS104Career Preparation
CCS198Writing Lab
CCS200Writing Tutor Training
CHEM&110Chemical Concepts w/Lab
CHEM&121Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM&131Introduction to Organic/Biochemistry
CHEM&139General Chemistry Prep
CHEM&162General Chemistry w/Lab II
CHEM&163General Chemistry w/Lab III
CHEM216Undergraduate Research III
CHIN&121Chinese I
CIS166Programming Business Objects
CIS182SQL Fundamentals
CIS185HTML, CSS, JavaScript
CIS245Business Information Systems
CIS266Introduction to Business Applications
CIS269Software Maintenance
CIS282SQL Programming
CIS287Mobile Application Development
CJ&101Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ&105Introduction to Corrections
CJ&240Introduction to Forensic Science
CMATH107CLIPPERS Math in Society
CMATH146CLIPPERS Introduction to Statistics
CMST&101Introduction to Communication
CMST105Introduction to Journalism
CMST110Introduction to Social Media
CMST&210Interpersonal Communication: Diversity
CMST&220Public Speaking
CMST240Intercultural Communication: Diversity
CMT105Inspection/Quality Control
CMT106Fundamental of Machining
CMT107Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout
CNA101Cisco I
CNA112PC Workstation Technical Support
CNA120Command Line Interface
CNA121Microsoft Workstation
CNA122Microsoft Server
CNA150Cisco II
CNA234Windows Server Services
CNA251Cisco III
CNA285Cisco Cybersecurity
CNA296Managing Network Environments
CNA297Ethical Hacking
CS143Object-Oriented Programming II
ECED&105Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECED&120Practicum-Nurturing Relationship
ECED&138Home Visiting and Family Engagement
ECED&139Administrative Early Learning Program
ECED&170Environments-Young Child
ECED250Practicum III
ECON&201Micro Economics
ECON&202Macro Economics
EDUC&115Child Development
EDUC&130Guiding Behavior
EDUC&202Introduction to Education
EDUC240Diversity in Education: Diversity
ENGL090Integrated Reading and Writing I
ENGL095Integrated Reading and Writing II
ENGL098Transitional English Composition
ENGL&101English Composition I
ENGL&102Composition II
ENGL&112Introduction to Fiction
ENGL&113Introduction to Poetry
ENGL&235Technical Writing
ENGL&238Creative Writing III: Creative Non-Fiction
ENVS&100Survey of Environmental Science
ESL002ESL Pathways Level II (Low Beginning)
ESL003ESL Pathways Level III (High Beginning)
ESL004ESL Pathways Level IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL005ESL Pathways Level V (High Intermediate)
ESL006ESL Pathways Level VI (Advanced)
ESL051ESL Digital Literacy I
ESL060ESL Orientation
ESL061ESL Level I (Beginning Literacy)
ESL062ESL Level II (Low Beginning)
ESL063ESL Level III (High Beginning)
ESL064ESL Level IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL065ESL Level V (High Intermediate)
ESL066ESL Level VI (Advanced)
ESL072ESL Grammar II (Low Beginning)
ESL073ESL Grammar III (High Beginning)
ESL074ESL Grammar IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL075ESL Grammar V (High Intermediate)
ESL076ESL Grammar VI (Advanced)
ESL083ESL Comm. College & Career III (High Beginning)
ESL084ESL Comm. College & Career IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL085ESL Comm. College & Career V (High Intermediate)
ESL086ESL Comm. College & Career VI (Advanced)
MATH092Mathematical Reasoning
MATH101Technical Mathematics I
MATH&107Math in Society
MATH&141Precalculus I
MATH&142Precalculus II
MATH&146Introduction to Statistics
MATH147Precalculus for Business/Social Science
MATH&148Business Calculus
MATH&151Calculus I
MATH&152Calculus II
MATH&153Calculus III
MATH215Undergraduate Research II
MATH238Differential Equations
MED103Medical Terminology I
MED104Medical Terminology II
MED155Diagnostic Procedures for Medical Assistants
MED156Pharmacology for Medical Assistants
MED158Law,Ethics,Professionalism for Medical Assistant
MED160Medical Assisting National Exam Preparation
MEDC111Advanced Diagnostic and CPT Coding
MUSC100Music Fundamentals
MUSC&105Music Appreciation
MUSC&123Ear Training 3
MUSC&133Music Theory 3
MUSC134Jazz Ensemble I
MUSC135Jazz Ensemble II
MUSC136Jazz Ensemble III
MUSC147Class Piano I
MUSC148Class Piano II
MUSC149Class Piano III
MUSC150Percival Choir I
MUSC151Percival Choir II
MUSC152Percival Choir III
MUSC153Chamber Singers I
MUSC154Chamber Singers II
MUSC155Chamber Singers III
MUSC159Class Guitar
MUSC160Orchestra I
MUSC161Orchestra II
MUSC162Orchestra III
MUSC170Concert Band I
MUSC171Concert Band II
MUSC172Concert Band III
MUSC&223Ear Training 6
MUSC&233Music Theory 6
MUSC234Jazz Ensemble IV
MUSC235Jazz Ensemble V
MUSC236Jazz Ensemble VI
MUSC250Percival Choir IV
MUSC251Percival Choir V
MUSC252Percival Choir VI
MUSC253Chamber Singers IV
MUSC254Chamber Singers V
MUSC255Chamber Singers VI
MUSC260Orchestra IV
MUSC261Orchestra V
MUSC262Orchestra VI
MUSL116Applied Voice III
MUSL179Applied Percussion III
MUSL183Applied Guitar III
MUSL233Applied Bass VI
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