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ABE002High School 21+ and GED Orientation
ABE004Pathways Overview I
ABE006Pathways Exploration II
ABE021ABE Digital Literacy I
ABE054ABE Language Arts IV(High Intermediate LanguageA
ABE055ABE Language Arts V(Adult Secondary Level LanguA
ABE062Applied Math I
ABE063Adult Basic Education III- Math
ABE064Adult Basic Education IV-Math
ABE074HS21+ Portfolio I
ABE075HS21+ Portfolio II
ABE076High School Equivalency Test Preparation
ACCT&201Principles of Accounting I
ACCT&202Principles of Accounting II
ACCT&203Principles of Accounting III
ACCT206General Ledger Computerized Accounting
ACCT239Payroll Accounting and Business Taxes
AEC101Fundamentals of Drafting
AEC120Construction Methods and Materials
AEC121Architectural CAD I
AEC160Introduction to Civil Engineering and Survey
AEC161Civil CAD I
AEC171Building Information Modeling I
AEC264Survey I
AEC273Building Information Modeling III
AEC274Building Information Modeling IV
ANTH&100Survey of Anthropology
ANTH&104World Prehistory
ANTH&205Biological Anthropology
ANTH&206Cultural Anthropology: Diversity
ANTH&216Northwest Coast Indians: Diversity
ART101Introduction to Art
ART112Art History: 14th to 17th Centuries
ART113Art History: Modern
ART114Art of World Cultures
ART116Art in America: Diversity
ART120Beginning Drawing
ART1302D Design
ART140Beginning Printmaking
ART160Beginning Painting
ART165Watercolor Painting
ART170Beginning Digital Photography
ART220Intermediate Drawing
ART260Painting Studio
ART270Intermediate Digital Photography
ASL&121American Sign Language I
ASL&122American Sign Language II
ASL&123American Sign Language III
ASTR&100Survey of Astronomy
AUTO100Introduction to Automotive
AUTO108Engine I
AUTO109Engine II
AUTO110Introduction to Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO130Steering and Suspension
AUTO216Heating and Air-Conditioning
AUTO230Automatic Transmissions
AUTO250Industry Readiness Lab
AUTO251Industry Readiness Lab
CAP100Introduction to Hospitality
CAP110Culinary Fundamentals
CAP115Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Fabrication
CAP120Cold Food Production
CAP125Garde Manger
CAP130Dining Room Operations
CAP235Culinary Baking
CAP240Hot Line Production I
CAP245Hot Line Production II
CAP248Hot Line Production III
CAP250Menu Development
CAP255Restaurant Management
CBD200Packaging and Processing
CCS101Pathways to Success
CHEM&110Chemical Concepts w/Lab
CHEM&121Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM&131Introduction to Organic/Biochemistry
CHEM&139General Chemistry Prep
CHEM&162General Chemistry w/Lab II
CHEM&163General Chemistry w/Lab III
CHEM216Undergraduate Research III
CIDR210Craft Cider
CIS145Introduction to Access
CIS166Programming Business Objects
CIS182Structured Query Language (SQL)
CIS184Creating Web Pages
CIS266Developing Database Applications
CIS269Software Maintenance
CIS282SQL Projects
CIS287Android Development
CJ&101Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ&105Introduction to Corrections
CJ&240Introduction to Forensic Science
CMATH107CLIPPERS Math in Society
CMATH146CLIPPERS Introduction to Statistics
CMST&101Introduction to Communication
CMST105Introduction to Journalism
CMST110Introduction to Social Media
CMST&210Interpersonal Communication: Diversity
CMST&220Public Speaking
CMST240Intercultural Communication: Diversity
CMT109CNC Mills and Lathes
CMT110CNC Programming
CNA100Introduction to Networking
CNA101Cisco I
CNA120Command Line Interface
CNA121Microsoft Workstation
CNA122Microsoft Server
CNA125IT Soft Skills
CNA130Introduction to Linux/Unix
CNA150Cisco II
CNA170Introduction to Wireless
CNA234Windows Server Services
CNA285Cisco Cybersecurity Essentials
CNA296Managing Network Environments
CNA297Ethical Hacking
CS143Object-Oriented Programming II
EARTH106The Earth in Time and Space
ECED&105Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECED&120Practicum-Nurturing Relationship
ECED&139Administrative Early Learning Program
ECED&170Environments-Young Child
ECED250Practicum III
ECON&201Micro Economics
ECON&202Macro Economics
EDUC&115Child Development
EDUC&202Introduction to Education
EDUC240Diversity in Education: Diversity
ENGL090Integrated Reading and Writing I
ENGL095Integrated Reading and Writing II
ENGL098Transitional English Composition
ENGL&101English Composition I
ENGL&102Composition II
ENGL&111Introduction to Literature
ENGL&112Introduction to Fiction
ENGL198Writing Lab
ENGL201Women in Literature: Diversity
ENGL&235Technical Writing
ENGL&238Creative Writing III: Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL&244American Literature I
ENVS&100Survey of Environmental Science
ESL001ESL Pathways Level I (Beginning Literacy)
ESL002ESL Pathways Level II (Low Beginning)
ESL003ESL Pathways Level III (High Beginning)
ESL004ESL Pathways Level IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL005ESL Pathways Level V (High Intermediate)
ESL006ESL Pathways Level VI (Advanced)
ESL060ESL Orientation
ESL061ESL Level I (Beginning Literacy)
ESL062ESL Level II (Low Beginning)
ESL063ESL Level III (High Beginning)
ESL064ESL Level IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL065ESL Level V (High Intermediate)
ESL066ESL Level VI (Advanced)
ESL071ESL Grammar I (Beginning Literacy)
ESL072ESL Grammar II (Low Beginning)
ESL073ESL Grammar III (High Beginning)
ESL074ESL Grammar IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL075ESL Grammar V (High Intermediate)
ESL076ESL Grammar VI (Advanced)
ESL083ESL Comm. College & Career III (High Beginning)
ESL084ESL Comm. College & Career IV (Low Intermediate)
ESL085ESL Comm. College & Career V (High Intermediate)
ESL086ESL Comm. College & Career VI (Advanced)
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